Saturday, June 30, 2012

Always Check Their Medical License

With the Supreme Court's affirmative ruling on the Affordable Care Act, or as others call it Obamacare, I searched for a crime story on a medical topic. My files bulge with stories I wrote on medical malpractice lawsuits, pill-pushing doctors who harmed, a son who had his mother's head cut off and frozen, and a serial-killer RN, whom I bought a steak dinner in efforts to get him to unwittingly admit his murders. Catching my eye, however, was a strange medical story I wrote in 1981 in Southern California, which appears below, with names of victims redacted.

A 15-year-old girl has been arrested for impersonating a doctor and telling a man his wife might die in surgery, police reported.

The girl, who police say could pass for a 26-year-old, allegedly donned a lab coat and stethoscope and introduced herself as a physician to the husband of a patient who was in surgery.

"I just about collapsed," recalled the husband, whose wife of four months had been rushed to the hospital for tubal pregnancy that required surgery.

The husband said his wife's parents were with him in the hospital's lobby when a person in a lab coat walked up.

She identified herself as a doctor and talked to the family about medicine and religion. The husband told her that his wife was in surgery and the girl said she knew, that she was one of the surgeons involved.

"Everything was going fine," she told him.

Minutes later the girl made a phony telephone call to check on the wife's condition. "Give her three units of blood and get five doctors over here right now," she said loudly into the phone.

The family overhead it, and the husband raced over to see what had happened.
"Just pray, just pray," the girl told him. "There is something wrong with her heart." Then she left.

For the next half hour family members were in anguish. The husband said that only his father-in-law was skeptical because the girl had also mentioned "a car wreck," and a "man was decapitated and his head landed in the back seat."

Later, the husband said he saw the girl in the lobby and asked about his wife's condition. When the girl acted as if she didn't know him, he called security.

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