Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back In Saigon is my latest book, a novella of 35,000 words, and available at Amazon; later at Barnes & Noble and the Apple store, and other booksellers. The story was inspired by a journalist friend of mine who returned to Vietnam in seach of his birth mother. He had been airlifted out forty years ago as Saigon fell to the Vietcong. Readers might be interested to know that the battlefield scenes are from real firefights told to me four decades ago by American troops, returning from Vietnam. Their accounts have never been published before. Readers generally expect to find supernatural forces at work in my novels and this one shouldn't disappoint them.

Nota bene: Watch my booklist on Amazon (and on Smashwords.com) because from time to time I give my novels away for zip. Though I certainly don't mind pocketing a little cash for all this mind-wrenching work, what's most important is that the books get read by you.

In the days ahead check back here because I plan to write about the law and crime, and some fascinating cases you have never heard of before. Believe me, after listening to pompous judges, bloviating lawyers, good and bad cops and mindless criminals for more than forty years, there is plenty I want to say.

R.D. Byron-Smith

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