Saturday, August 18, 2012

He Didn't Fudge In This Grudge

This is the story of the ultimate personal grudge.

Sure, Kobe's held grudges on the basketball court, and Hearst begrudgingly hated Pulitzer. But, nobody got shot in the gonads in these grudges, and they didn't last for a quarter century.

Years ago a guy I'll call James, 50, drove to the home of a nationally known dog breeder in Southern California, and shot him dead.

James was arrested soon afterwards, and police learned his motive.

He had a grudge that began in the early 1960s. James had shipped out from Camp Pendleton with his U.S. Marine Corps brigade, leaving his bride to await his return.

Only she didn't wait. Upon his return, she admitted to having a brief affair with a man.

For the next 25 years the couple had a rocky marriage, and invariably during arguments, James dredged up her infidelity while he was a Marine.

Who knows how many times he vowed vengeance, promising to shoot the man in the crotch if he ever caught him.

At some point, James learned the man's name, and using an alias, he wrote to him and asked for a picture, saying he was a "fan" of the well-known dog breeder.

When James and his wife finally landed in divorce court, he bought a handgun.

October 23, 1987, he drove from his house in Northern California to the dog breeder's home, where using a fake name, they talked about dogs. But, the man couldn't talk long because he was leaving alone in his motor home for Arizona.

James followed him, and flagged him down on the freeway. The man stopped, and invited him into the motor home.

The ex-Marine emptied his gun into the man who had sex with his wife a quarter century ago, after disclosing his grudge that had defied decades.

Police discovered the bullet-riddled body of the 59-year-old man in the motor home parked along the interstate, and immediately ruled out suicide.

James had shot him in the crotch.

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