Friday, January 4, 2013

Dinner With A Killer

Now that my latest book is published I can return to this blog.

Most of you know me as a fiction writer. And I love fictionalizing crimes I have covered as a newspaper reporter for you, often enhancing the thrill by mixing in terrifying glimpses of the supernatural, as I did in "Image of Evil," my first novel based on the true and grisly hatchet murders of a family in Southern California.

My latest book, however, is fully non-fiction, cross my heart. "Dinner With A Killer" published in December is a memoir of the most sensational hospital serial murder case in California's history. I reported the story from discovery of the first corpse to sentencing of the murderer, a male nurse who injected victims with drug overdoses while he worked alone at midnight in the intensive care ward. The title comes from my exclusive interview with the killer over a beefsteak dinner, in which in between bites of his bloody T-bone, he remembered the last moments of life of his murder victims -- months before his arrest. The book also details the painstaking investigation of the crimes, one of the most complex in history, and includes information never before published.

You can get the new book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and other booksellers.

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