Monday, February 3, 2014

A Stinky Business

Newspapers have fallen on hard times. Thousands of reporters and editors have lost jobs, and it really shows in the quality of the newspapers still being published, nationwide. Years ago when larger papers had several levels of editing, the photo caption below never would have been published. An editor would have caught and killed it before being printed. Not so these days. Bloopers like this are published frequently. Today we not only read the newspaper, we laugh at it. Take a look at the caption for the photo below, and have a good laugh. It appeared in The Riverside (CA) Press-Enterprise, which was recently bought by the Orange County (CA) Register, after years of wasting away at the hands of The Dallas Morning News.

Here is what the caption published Jan. 30, 2014 actually says:

"While interviewing Sondra Berg, Santa Ana Police Animal Services supervisor, television reporters Bobby DeCastro (Fox 11) and Wendy Burch (KTLA 5) hold their noses to avoid the stench."

Did the animal services supervisor forget to shower before doing the interview? (What the caption-writer neglected to include was the "stench" emanated from a house where police found hundreds of dead snakes. I hope Sondra Berg, the police animal services supervisor, asked for a clarification.)

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