Friday, May 16, 2014

Speechless Over First Amendment Idea

 Quick! Somebody run over to Montpelier Station, Virginia, to check on whether Founding Father James Madison is turning over in his grave.

As all you American history buffs know, Madison authored the first amendment in 1791, guaranteeing us freedom of speech and other things so dear to the hearts of Americans.

But, New York Senator Chuck Schumer and intellectual lightweight Harry Reid, the senate’s Democratic majority leader, want to rewrite the vaunted first amendment to empower government to regulate our political speech.

We hope that Schumer, who’s lived in a kind of a frat house in D.C. – unkempt bed and all – hasn’t been shooting brewskis because the idea reminds us of an old drinking song: “If the first amendment should happen to fall, thirty-two amendments left on the wall.”

Yeah, which guaranteed right is next?

These political pals tremble like puppies over prospects of Republicans winning the senate, and are howling mad by the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision, which allows unions and corporations to donate to independent political groups. They want to return to the good old days – for them – when their union cronies could raise the most cash.

This proposed rewrite of the first amendment gives government power to regulate “raising and spending of money” to advance the “fundamental principle of political equity for all.”

In truth, the political “equity” these boys have in mind is their own. This amended amendment makes it more difficult for opponents to raise money to challenge entrenched Washington powerbrokers like Schumer and Reid, both, obviously scholars of the Bill of Rights.

Be thankful a constitutional amendment needs ratification by 38 states, which gives this stupid idea little chance of passage. Still, they’ve put the idea out there.

Hear that? It’s the Founding Fathers screaming: leave our first amendment alone. I’ll give an updated Thomas Jefferson the final word: “Mr. Reid, I knew James Madison. Jim Madison was a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no James Madison.”


R.D. Byron-Smith is published by Pilar Publishing of California. His books include, Dinner With A Killer, Epitaphs, Image of Evil, Back In Saigon, Murder Under London Bridge, The Collector and his latest, Killing Socrates.

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