Monday, April 13, 2015


I got this release from Pilar Publishing of California, and share it:

“With online bookshelves crammed with fantasy tales of buxom babes commanding armies of sword-slashing minions, where Earth is ultimately saved from the wrath of fire-spewing dragons, novelist R.D. Byron-Smith says he decided to write an action-thriller closer to the real neighborhood, a saga of good versus real-life evil, of defeating terrorists so America is the last man standing. Yes, it is a novel, but American Jihadist runs deeper than fiction. One bold reviewer called it a how-to guide to defeat Islamic extremists. We don’t know about that. We will let R.D.’s readers decide.”

Just published, here’s the official blurb:

“They're coming to kill us, and America is paralyzed without a military strategy to defeat radical terrorists. One man has a plan and it isn't a four-star general or a president. It's Medieval History Professor Eric Craig, and his idea harkens back to the brutal Middle Ages. Once his audacious plan is published all hell breaks loose. The professor's life is threatened and he is fired from his university. Ready to take refuge in a monastic life of studying ancient parchments, he is secretly offered billions to fund his ambitious plan of saving Americans from evil. In this provocative political action-thriller, novelist R.D. Byron-Smith immerses the reader in a world of knights in armor and modern weaponry where international terrorists soon discover, they're not the only warriors of God.”

American Jihadist and all R.D. Byron-Smith’s books are available at Amazon and all online booksellers.

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