Monday, August 10, 2015

TRUE STORIES I Never Told My Kids

Here is what the publisher says about my new memoir, True Stories I Never Told My Kids:

“Whether crashing the film set of a Robert Redford movie, chasing down the true father of sex goddess Marilyn Monroe, or stumbling into a deadly shootout between cops and bank robbers, there was nary a dull moment in forty years of news reporting by R.D. Byron-Smith. In his witty, often irreverent memoir the author takes readers along for a bumpy joyride in pursuit of news at all costs. Readers ride shotgun as he confronts death row killers, introduces oddballs and media meatheads, and harasses Hollywood celebs. Readers even get a bleacher’s seat as he goes tête-à-tête with a disgraced U.S. president at the World Series. The author’s wild ride is worth admission. And best of all, they are, every tale, True Stories I Never Told My Kids.

This book has been four decades in the making. Unlike my first memoir, Dinner With A Killer, which is being featured in an upcoming CBS Television series on serial killers, this book focuses on my forty years as a newspaper reporter, and attempts to give readers some of the stories behind the stories, and to sneak them into the newsroom where a lot of zany people work.
For instance, here’s a tidbit from the book:

Even thinking about this story makes me laugh.
We had a college intern who must have been the most naive female in America. Editors sent her to cover a real cattle drive. It was an overnight affair in which a bunch of cowboys herded cattle all day, and at dusk made camp, ate beans and slept fireside under the stars. These cowboys had been on cattle drives before and one of their traditions was making beef jerky on the campfire.
This student reporter wrote a story about the cattle drive and described how the cowboys sat around the fire at night and made and ate beef jerky.
She filed the story and as it was being read by an editor an explosion of laughter erupted on the news desk.
Of course reporters wanted to know what was so hilarious. What she had written soon went viral in the newsroom.
The intern had written that after a hard day’s work the cowboys sat around the campfire and put strips of beef on the heat to dry and make jerky. She noted their ritual of “jerking the meat” lasted for hours.

Like most memoirs this isn’t autobiography, so don’t expect the literary equivalent of a television reality show, you know like “16 and Pregnant.” However, what you will find are stories I am sure you have never heard before. And you’ll be right behind me as I report them – but duck because bullets will fly.

Just published, the book is available exclusively at Amazon for 90 days. Go to Amazon and search “R.D. Byron-Smith and True Stories.” And thank you for reading my novels and nonfiction books, I truly appreciate it. R.D. 

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